Deeper Blessings

Hello everyone!!! I am happy to see you all, and to know that you are all reading my blog God is good!! School has started with us so we are super busy, busy with school ,sports with both the kids, church, and bible study stuff!!! I am glad I am busy… such blessing. Well tomorrow J.t turns 13 how amazing as I reflect these past 12 years. I have been blessed to be a part of his life. I am so so thankful for where I am right now I am so amazed at the work God has been doing in my life! 12 years ago today was when Josh and I hung out for the first time, since I knew he was “into me”. The sad thing is though we ended up getting drunk and hanging out all night!! The next day was J.t’s 2nd birthday. Josh and I went out shopping and bought him presents. It was a fun time!! After that Josh and I started “dating” Sept 18th 2005 and we’ve been together ever since!!! J.t It such a blessing to me in so many ways…..

1st and most importantly, it was him and his family who ultimately got Josh and I into church. When josh and I moved in together we would bring J.t back and forth from Centerville to Xenia every Sunday. We would drop him off at church then go back home, then we would pick him up from church when it was over and we would bring him back home in the evening and then have to drive back home. A lot of wasted time spent driving. One-day Josh and I were arguing about bringing him back and forth to church because it was taking up a lot of “Our time.” Yes, I was that person. I will admit it! Thank you God for your saving grace!!! Then one-day Josh got tired of doing that so we found a church around here and we found Pennyroyal. We fell in love with the church and with the pastor and here we are!! That later led to salvation for me and Josh re dedicated his life!! We also host a bible study group, and Josh created the website and app for the church. He is the IT leader of our church, and I do the audio and visual stuff, running the lyrics on Sunday mornings!!! God did great things for me through J.t and I thank him every day for that God took my life even in my sin, my weakness, even though I’m not perfect and He is using me…and he can use you to!!! I’m a wretched sinner, I wanted nothing to do with church and God was patiently waiting for me to come to him, to accept him!!! What an amazing God we serve!!!

2nd If it wasn’t for J.t I wouldn’t have met my amazing husband!! How cool… Josh and Amanda had a baby at a young age…God is using him in big ways!!! I met Josh through Amanda. Amanda and I were friends and then I met Josh!!! Josh and I have been married for 5 amazing years and have 2 beautiful daughters!! I know there is more to this young man’s life than this…..I feel like this is just the surface he is such a blessing to me more than he will ever know along with his family!!


J.t Is such an inspiration for me I see the love he has for God in him and for people in general and its awesome!!! I love to hear his stories of him praying with people and for people at school, spreading the gospel anywhere he goes…Helping teach Sunday school to kids his own age!!! I just love seeing God at work in him!!! There are more ways he is a blessing to me but those were the top 2 that I wanted to share with you all!!! I love you J.t I hope your birthday is great!!

Not only did God deliver me from drinking, but me and Amanda are friends!! We are true friends we can co parent together, we call each other pray for each other, she even watched the girls the other day!!! Briella and her daughter Makenzie are really good friends also!!! God’s plans are so good!!!! If God can turn my life into this he can do it for you!!!! No matter where you are, no matter what your sin is, God is there with outstretched arms and perfect love just waiting for you to come to him!!! So thankful I serve a God like that!!!

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